inspire.me. the next level in the world of entertainment.

What happens when you put film production, special themed products, written articles, and an unlimited capacity of creative energy together in one place?

You get inspire.me.

Before Darine C. was the founder of a production company designed to shake up the industry, he was a college student just like most people who find their true calling in life and it’s in that very institution where this story starts.

In 2012, founder Darine C was entering his senior year of college as well as his second year having a specific concentration of study: Mass Communication/Media Studies. One of the classes that were required for him to graduate was Video Production II. The main project in that class was a documentary. This was his introduction to the power of documentaries and it is worth noting that this would be the very moment where doing films was more than just a grade for him. He actually wanted to talk to his audience and create value. His documentary was called “Need Money For College” and was about the struggle of college finances and how it can hinder you from important milestones such as graduating on time or being able to schedule courses for the next semester. The response of the value it gave was outstanding, even if it only got a C grade wise. He was pleased he passed at least.

It was in that documentary that Darine created his own production company, which supported a documentary and a music video in 2013. His idea of it actually came from seeing some of his classmates making up a company to put on their documentary and although it was not required, he thought it would be a good idea. By doing that, Inspired Productions was created. Later, in 2013, he decided to take an independent study and learn the one thing he had not done in college: music videos. Not knowing any musicians, he decided to take a song that he loved and created a video off of that song. By the end of 2013, Inspired Productions had two videos.

After college, Darine was too busy trying to adjust to the real world. He was not working on his production company as much as he wanted and Inspired Productions was starting to become a thing in the past. Life kept getting in the way and Darine found himself stuck in the rat race.

Until 2018.

On January 1st, 2018, Darine C. was working on his goals for the year. As he was writing and thinking, he came to a realization:

I am in a good place right now. I feel like things are connecting and there is an opening for me to do what I love.

With that thought, he decided to go round two on making his production company take off. With everything that he had been through, the things he witnessed, and the lessons taught in the process, he had grown as a person and Inspired Productions did not fit where he saw the company going anymore. The first step on the journey to greatness was a name change. A name that still signifies inspiration but is unique. Something that will be remembered in history. Then, the name presented itself:

inspire.me productions.

He could not explain it, but the name fits perfectly to the vision he had. After the name, he decided to create another documentary. This documentary was going to be about second chances and how beneficial it can be when being on the road to your dreams. Based off of the topic, he named it “Take Two” and released it June of that year. That documentary marks the first film created under inspire.me and the show goes on.

In 2020, he decided to drop the “productions” in the name and changed the name to just “inspire.me” for the simplicity and the multiple uses.

“From the planning stage of the business, inspire.me was always meant to be different from the standard indie film company. Something different. Something bigger than just indie film. With the decision to officially drop the productions in the name, it allows the business to expand and grow to its fullest potential. We are living in such a significant time of change and in such times, the sky is really the limit for inspire.me.”

inspire.me is for the avid film lover who loves stories told from a different perspective.

inspire.me is for the avid YouTube watcher who needs guidance and a boost of energy.

inspire.me is for the dreamers who do not know how to change their dreams to reality.

inspire.me is for the everyday person who is looking for a change in their lives.

inspire.me is for the hustler out there who is not getting as far as they want to be.

Inspire.me is for me.

inspire.me is for you.

(to learn more about darine’s introduction to self-development, feel free to read Prologue: The Journey Thus Far and Epilogue: The Breakthrough.)