As of right now, as I write this, 2018 was the best year I have had in a while … well, wait. Rather, the first six months of 2018 was the best ever. Of course it was, I had finally found the light inside the darkness! I know I will actually have a year that’s gonna be awesome, but 2019 and 2020 … eh.

New Year’s Eve 2017 was the first one I didn’t go out for in a while. I just laid in bed and watched tv. I fell asleep a few times, which is why I didn’t go out. I woke up probably around 3am and because I couldn’t go back to sleep, I just went into the living room and decided to plan out my 2018.

“The past few years have been full of ups and downs, mostly downs. For the first time in years, I feel like I am in control of my life again. I need to pick up where I left off before life got outta control. I need to bounce back this year.”

Yeah, that’s right. I said bounce back. Special shoutout to Big Sean for that great song. If you haven’t heard it, I suggest you take a listen. It really pumps you up.

In 2018, I decided to create a documentary that dealt with second chances because I felt like I received a second chance. You already knew that because that’s on my about page. I had a lot of other goals, such as travel more and such, but I can’t remember them at the moment. No worries because there is something important that happened that leveled me up.

The next day, 01/02/2018, I was surfing on the web when I received this email from someone named Sonia Ricotti. Long story short, she was creating a system that helps people turn their life around fast and achieve their wildest dreams.

Do you have any idea what the program was called?

Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0.

THE PROGRAM HAS BOUNCE BACK IN IT! After doing some reading, I decided I was gonna get into this program. Luckily, she had a payment plan I could use so that I could pay a little bit now and have instant access to this program. What I learned from that program, I still implement to this day. The exercises and techniques learned in this program introduced me to the power of your mindset.




High Vibration versus Low Vibrations

Limiting Beliefs

Reprogramming Your Mind

It was a game changer for me. After about a month of doing the exercises and the mindset work, I was feeling good. I was feeling connected. I was feeling lighthearted. On top of that, I was working on my first documentary since 2013? Oh yeah, life’s good. When you are radiating such at such a high vibration, you tend to attract people.

Note that I didn’t say the right or wrong people, I just said people.

Yes, you do attract the right people when you focus on that.

Once again, a whole different story that has purpose could be told here, but for now, I’ll give you a summary.

On the path to bouncing back, I learned how to love unconditionally. I mean, everyone was getting the love whether I felt like it or not.
You’re rude? I love you.
You’re happy? I love you.
You broke me, piece me back together, then broke me again? ….love.

Doing all of these loving unconditionally kinda got me in trouble. Because I was on this “I love everyone” vibe, I got myself into a romantic relationship that, for lack of better wording, sucked my energy dry. I mean, it was so bad that when it did end, it took me about a year or so to recover. All that work on me just to end up in a relationship that resembled the relationship before. Obviously, there’s a lesson that still needed to be learned.

Fast-forward to today, I am here writing to you while making the conscious decision to bring back inspire.me (this would be … the third time? Yeah.). I am still on this journey of becoming the best me I can be because this is a neverending journey. It has its ups and downs and there is always something that needs to be learned and applied. Honestly, that makes me so passionate about this particular topic of self-development. No matter where you are in your life, you can always level up and that really makes us as a collective so fuckin’ awesome!

Did you know that you are already so extraordinary? I mean, think about everything you have been through. You’re a warrior! A lot of people act like they know this, but it’s fake. It’s all fake.

I fake self-confidence every now and then.

You fake self-confidence more than you like to admit.

Your neighbor fakes it.

That guy in the coffee shop … you get the point.

You cannot be truly confident if you are living in a state of limitation. That’s why I’m here. That’s why this blog exists. I identify myself as a filmmaker, but I can do so much more than just create films. It has been said that the written word is powerful and well, I love to write.

I am on a mission.

So many people, especially today, are living inside this box and are just moving around in this box. It’s sickening to me. Why? I lived in that box. I still do, but am creating the perfect eraser for me that’s powerful enough to erase those lines society has placed since childbirth honestly. We have so many people who have dimmed their light to fit in with society and that’s such a waste of this one life we were given!! Even worse, people in my generation are not standing up to their true selves. I would not know this if I didn’t hone and strengthen my power to be self-aware.

That’s why this blog exists.

This blog, with the help of other platforms, will bring to the light what is really possible for millennials. Did you know that millennials are the most pessimistic of any age group about the future of the economy? We are currently going through something that has been compared to the Great Depression and we are not so sure things are gonna get better. That’s horrible.  You wanna know my view of the future of the economy?

I’ll tell you another time.

The point is that we are living in fear. Honestly, it’s the most fear I have ever seen in the world in the 29 years I have been on this earth. We are the future. We can still create a shift in the world and leave our mark so that future generations have a better view of both sides when it comes to crisis and challenges. How can you live your best life and let fear control you? You can’t.

BOOM. There goes another bomb.

Let’s turn this back to me since this post is meant to be about me …

I created this blog to help my generation rise up. There are people who have risen to the occasion and definitely using their platform to do what I’m doing, but that’s still not enough. We don’t need more employees, we need more leaders. We need more dream chasers and goal hunters. The very first thing that can help with the rise is fixing your perspective of the world you live in and fixing your perspective of you.

In this blog, I will be writing about everything that can help you rise up. From practices for self-care to why you can’t seem to attract that person across the dance floor (and everything in-between). It’s gonna be a good time as I talk about stuff you probably have heard before if you have been in the self-development space for a minute, but I’m gonna put my own little perspective on it and maybe even make certain topics easier to understand for you.

I know I have talked for a while, but I’m coming to a close. I promise. I do hope you have been entertained thus far though.

Since I was little, I have always wanted to bring value to the world. I didn’t know what value meant, I didn’t know how, but I knew I was meant to help people. Therefore, give me the chance to help you rise up to your limitless potential. You have what it takes to change the world. You really do. You don’t have to follow anyone except your own heart. You can be whoever you want to be. Whatever you feel drawn to, do that shit!! You might have to baby step it, but fuck it. A little progress is better than no progress. I am sick and tired of seeing people not challenging their day to day lives. So much disease and broken habits are created from the person who’s not being true to themselves. You remember that.

Why am I so wise? I have been through it. Instead of playing the victim, I choose the victor. At 22, I had a revelation that sums up why I’m on this path of helping others.

“Everything that I have been through – heartbreak, struggle, depression, betrayal, loneliness, just negative situations – were not meant to break me. Yeah, all that shit sucked at the time and I couldn’t see the other side. Through it all, I managed to still be alive. I got my college degree, I got an internship, I’m back in New York… I’m still kicking. THIS IS IT. I went through all that I went through … because it’s part of my story. I was meant to use my story – the past, present, and future – to help someone.”

Well, that’s it. There are no more words that I can write to this. I have to say; this post alone has created a lot of different posts I can write, which is great!

I hope that you stuck it out until the end and if you did, I say thank you for listening to my story of how I got involved in self-development.

If you didn’t, I still thank you for reading the amount that you read.

I look forward to getting you the knowledge I have gained (and the knowledge I’m still learning) to become your best self. I look forward to bringing my power of inspiration out into this blog so you can read it and have it for yourself. I look forward to connecting with you.

Take care

Darine C.


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