From the desk of Darine C.

Life can be a bitch sometimes. It’s so hard to figure out, right?

One minute, it’s all sunny days and everything is working out in your favor. I guess you could say that you are aligned with the highest of energies in the world! You are so aligned that you live on cloud nine. There is nothing that’s gonna bring you down.

The next day … and I do mean that very next day … maybe it’s not the next day, maybe it’s two days or even a week from that sunny day …

You are just feeling like complete and utter shit.

You’re thinking “what the hell?” or “where the hell did this come from?”

You went from walking on sunshine to every other step is covered with dog poop.

You go from sunny days to cloudy skies with winds that are 250 MPH.

You try to remember all the good that happened during your sunshine phase a few days ago and what do you think happens after that?

You try to repeat your results by thinking about what significant actions were made that led to such a wonderful day or days. I mean, life is a domino effect right? One right action or wrong action can make or break your day or week.

In doing so, you don’t really change anything. Those bad days are still bad … maybe worse. With a stroke of luck, those dark clouds move and the sun comes out again.

But wait, tomorrow’s gonna be thunderstorms and flying cows?

What was the point of that, DC? It sounds like you were ranting.

On a subconscious level, maybe I was a little bit. There’s still a point being made here that I wanna address. Life is highly unpredictable and a lot of us can often feel like we have no control over our lives. We live as if life happens to us, instead of for us. Whether we have a good or bad day is just a gamble.

“Thank you so much for this great day. I hope tomorrow is just as great, if not better.”

“Shit, this day sucked ass. This happened … that happened … and then this and that happened … screw it. I’m calling it a night and whatever.”

We have a lot more control than we give credit for. What you don’t realize is that whether you are having a good life or a bad life, you are in control of that. In a good life or a bad life, the common denominator is you and your mind.

Yes, one right action or one wrong action can shape your day.

It is also true that if you foster the mindset belief that life happens for you and not to you, you change the days you have from good to “not the greatest, but it wasn’t the worst either”.

Yes, life is so very unpredictable.

It is also true that the very unpredictable nature isn’t always a bad thing. The fact that life is so unpredictable is exciting because life is an adventure. Nothing in life is set in stone and with a snap of a finger; you can change the course of your life.

Yes, you are going to have bad days.

It is also true that those bad days are usually an indicator of something. Maybe you forgot to take time for yourself, maybe you need a minute to shift your mindset, maybe you need to re-evaluate who you’re hanging out with (especially if it’s an ongoing outcome), or maybe it’s just as simple as you are having a bad day just because it’s a natural thing! You can’t have good without the bad. That’s just life.

Yeah, it sucks when you do have the bad days but fighting through those days and coming to terms that this is part of your story will really help get through.

In short, change your mindset. It’s the best gift you could give yourself.

Shifting your mindset is not as hard as it seems. It’s effortless and can happen as quickly as your favorite television program.

You just need a hub with updated knowledge on anything mindset.

Consider inspire.me to be that hub.

Welcome to the world of inspire.me.

See ya on the inside.

filmtrepreneur and founder of inspire.me.