When it comes down to living our lives, we are subconsciously following a blueprint that is passed down from generation to generation. You are born, you go to school, you get a job, you retire, and you die.
Why do I say that? It’s because this film… is about the opposite.
There are people out there, call them risk-takers… call them dream chasers… call them insane… whatever you want to call them, they are out there. They started with that blueprint that society has installed into us, but at some point, they realized that the blueprint doesn’t make sense.
How are you going to tell me to get a job that pays $40,000 a year and yet, I’m not happy being there?
What do you mean I have to sell out my dreams for $75,000 a year?
At the end of the day, we have a dream. Matter of fact, we all had a childhood dream. What happened to that dream? You tell me.
This film is about five risk-takers that take a chance on their lives. They decide to face the obstacles and hardships that were part of the journey for a blueprint that doesn’t exist unless they create it: the blueprint for a dream life. You are born, you have a childhood dream, that dream becomes a passion, you make choices to accelerate the transition from dream to reality (school or some other means of education), your dream becomes your career, you create a mark on the earth, you die with a legacy that lives on.

Take Two. Take another shot at your dreams. Your passion. What you’re gravitated towards.
“When it comes to FashionLab9, honestly, it’s my baby. It’s what I birthed. like, it means everything to me.” – Alana, founder, and CEO.
Watch “Born To Style: A Sit-Down with the CEO of FashionLab9” as we get to learn more about her not only as the founder and CEO of her very own fashion company but as a person who struggles just like the rest of us and will not be satisfied until she takes over the fashion industry.
On August 16th, 2019, one of Brian C’s deepest and personal album in his catalog came out. Watch “IGNATIUS: The Movie” as we dive deeper into the rapper/songwriter/producer and cover such topics from his beginnings as a rapper to what people should take away from his latest masterpiece, #IGNATIUS.
If you don’t know who he is, you will now.
First single off of Glizzy’s most recent EP, #4Pack.
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First single off of Brian C’s new album, “IGNATIUS”.
“IGNATIUS” album out now.