Welcome to the world of inspire.me!

On the about page, we went on a journey down memory lane as you discovered how inspire.me was created. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, why don’t you check out the about page quickly and then come back here?

I’m not going anywhere. I promise.

I pride myself on being honest and transparent, especially when it comes to writing and just talking to people (don’t believe me? Check out the home page!)

I’m going to keep it real with you guys. As I write this post, I have NO IDEA what to talk about. I mean, this isn’t a meaningless post… or a post that doesn’t have any purpose except to say, “I posted my first blog post. I’m a blogger!”

The purpose of this post is clean and straightforward: I want you to get to know me. I want to build a connection with you all and invite you to ride along with me on this journey that is scary as all hell to become limitless and hope that you become the best you can be in the process. No one is perfect, and everyone who is seen as the GOAT in their industry all started from somewhere, so don’t be afraid to start, okay?

That’s a little inspiration for you. I wouldn’t be the founder of a business called inspire.me if I didn’t… you know … aim to inspire. I hope you enjoyed that because I’ll probably drop a few more inspiration bombs before the end of this thing.

Anyway, you have read the about page that deals with inspire.me as a whole. Now, you are reading this first post that deals with the brain behind inspire.me: me.

Now, I could talk for hours about how great I am, how much struggle I had to face, how authentic I aim to be because no one likes fake people (or do they?), or even how much I love to create stuff. After that, you all would either be like

“I like this dude. He’s real, and I definitely vibe with some of the things he says.”

or you could go the other way and say: 

“Fuck this dude. He’s mad weird. I am gonna close this shit and do something else. Thanks for wasting my time.”

Here’s the thing: whether you like me or not, I will not dwell on that.
If you think I’m chill based on this one post, fantastic. I would love to provide value and open you up to a world of greatness and have conversations like this one now and then.
If you don’t, well, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, and have a great life!

Right, so you know how inspire.me was created. Now, I’m going to share why I chose to be involved in the self-development space dealing purely with mindset. I could go into other things, but in my experience, everything starts with your mindset.

Let’s go back to 2014.

The Unexpected Start of The Self-Improvement Journey

It’s a cold day in January, and I am currently at work.

I used to work at Herald Square Macy’s. No big deal.

I worked in the basement/cellar in the kitchen electronics section. It’s about month 4 of my employment there, and we were hitting a low since the holidays were officially over, so it’s pretty dead in the store, and hours were in-and-out.

There aren’t many people to help and not too many things to do to keep you occupied.
Naturally, you tend to start living in your mind, right?
I mean, that’s all you can do to pass the time.

I started to think a lot about my future. The idea that I was working a retail job after college did not go unnoticed (that’s a whole other story that does fit into this story, but I’ll tell it another time. Spoiler alert: I made a promise to myself), and I was thinking where do I go next? I wasn’t going to stay here for too long. I have a destiny to fulfill, which is to be the best damn filmmaker of my generation!

Ahem, sorry, I got a little carried away there. I digress.

I was content with where I was but always looking forward to getting back into the film world. I was pretty much there for the same reason most people in the society are at a job they weren’t too fond of:  money!




Let me take a minute to say this, so you don’t get the wrong impression.

For the first six months to a year of working there, I literally LOVED it.

No, I didn’t get to meet any celebrities, and not every day was a picnic, but I guess the very idea that I can say that my first job out of college is the Macy’s on 34th Street really made me feel special.

Honestly, all ego aside, it was feeding this idea that I am extraordinary. I was meant to do big things in my life. I mean, every morning, I would see Times Square and envision myself all over the billboards (I still do that). The last few months after that, I forgot that feeling as I let other people control my emotions. It’s not great, and I wouldn’t want anyone to live in that space, even my worst foe.

ANYWAY! Where was I?

Oh yeah, right, the start of my journey.

I went to have some food with two of my co-workers after work, and while we were eating, my co-worker Jennifer (not her real name) introduced me to this money-making opportunity. I was introduced to network marketing that day. It was a company called WakeUpNow.

For the sake of time, the rest of that is another story that I’ll probably tell later as there are some compelling lessons that I learned about success and failure. I will tell you this part as it stays congruent with the topic.

Knowing that the thing that was keeping me in Macy’s was money (because being in the film industry is not cheap), I hopped onto the opportunity. Throughout that time, I was not only learning how to become a network marketer, but I was also introduced to self-improvement through videos and audios.

“To become successful in anything, you have to have a mindset for success.”

I was introduced to speeches, those motivational videos on YouTube, and self-improvement books. I wasn’t really a fan of reading books. As I write this, I think there was a subconscious belief that reading a book was associated with being in trouble or learning stuff that wouldn’t really be useful in real life. Now, I can’t stop reading. The topic of self-improvement is really the shit. I started reading biographies, autobiographies, and so much more.  

For the next few years, I would be on this journey to better myself. I wanted to be more, do more, EARN more. I was feeling … I was feeling … well, here’s the thing.

Even though I was in the space of growing and learning to create my dream life essentially, MY LIFE WAS NOT GETTING BETTER. IT WAS GETTING WORSE.

In hindsight (and here comes another bomb… let’s call this an educational bomb. Take note), I can’t blame anything but myself. It was my actions AND my lack of action that was making my life worse, not better. I was acting in a state of desperation to make my life better, and I was not taking action on the things I was learning from these self-development gurus!!

Now hear this one.

I spent FOUR years in this cycle of self-pity, self-sabotage, self-loathing, depression, starting businesses and quitting, getting new jobs, and quitting … your boi was lost. I think about it today, and it still gives me chills. I have been lost before, but that four-year streak changed me.

There was a lot of lessons learned within those four years but two of them I’m gonna state right now are that there are no shortcuts to success and everything happens for a reason. I was going through a lot and it all kinda added up to this situation that lasted four years.

I’m sure we have all been there. We’re in this horrible situation that seems like the end of the world for us. We don’t know how we will ever make it back to what our lives used to be or even whether or not we will be able to show the world our dreams and aspirations. It’s scary and feels awful.

There is one fact that always remains true. No matter how hard it seems, no matter how dark the times may be, no matter how lost you are on this journey called life, there is always something bigger and better waiting for you on the other side. It’s the concept of duality: where there is good, there is bad. Where is dark, there is light. What goes up must come down … you get the point.

Little did I know that what was to come after that four-year streak was gonna be the very thing that would help me rise up just a little bit more.

In 2018, I was about to have a breakthrough.


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