“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”
J.M Barrie

This post is gonna be a little different than the past ones, but very similar to the ones located in the introduction section.

You see, this thing that’s called inspire.me isn’t just about educating you to be the best that you can truly be. Yes, I do love to educate especially if it’s things that I learned that created a shift automatically within minutes.

It’s more than an education hub though.

I live to educate, inspire, and in the process, entertain you.

Every now and then, you’ll read posts that are purely educational with a slice of inspiration in there.

Starting with this post, you’ll get inspirational with a slice of education.

What’s inspiration but giving you the idea that you can do whatever you want? How do you really convince someone? Give them tips and tactics to do that. Prove it is possible.

Anyway, today’s article will talk about the concept of “you are what you believe”.

Pretty simple to understand, yet so many people do not implement this.

You are… what you believe you are.

The Law of Attraction?

What you focus on you attract?

Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right?

Words are the gateway to the soul?

See where I’m going here?

A lot of people out there want to be successful so badly – the money, the cars, the status, the mansions – and wonder why they are not even close to that life. One reason is because they don’t really believe that they deserve this type of life. They don’t believe that they are good enough to attract that type of life.

In short, they believe they are less than the highly successful.

Most people think this way. I think this way. You think this way. Your best friend for 12 years thinks this way. It’s just how we are conditioned to think in this world. Hell, even the highly successful thought they were not good enough at some point in their lives. Understanding and coming to terms with how you feel about your personal version of success is a vital key to building up that confidence.

It also helps to actually think about your own personal version of success, but we’ll get into that another time.

If you believe that you are unhealthy, you stay unhealthy. It’s your identity.

If you believe that you are broker than that glass cup you dropped the other day, you stay broke. It’s your identity.

If you believe that no one will ever love you, you will stay forever alone. It’s your identity.

If you believe that you are only as valuable as the hourly wage/salary than you receive, you will never reach the abundance that literally has your name on it. Why? Abundance does not correlate with your identity.

Who you believe you are is your identity.

I can tell you one thing that you are not and that, my friend, is your thoughts.

All these feelings of low self-esteem, lack of resources, being stuck in a rut, they all originate in your mind as thoughts.

If you don’t like your identity, change it! It’s not that hard to be honest with you.

All you have to do is figure out what you want more in your life. Envision that version of you that’s full of bliss, abundance, and has so much clicking for them that you can’t even put into words how it’s happening but you aren’t complaining!

What are they doing for a career? How are they living their life? What amount do you see in their bank account? What kind of relationships do they hold?

What does success look, feel, smell, and taste like to them?

Figure all of that out and then come to terms that that version of you is YOU. I struggled with the idea that the future and the present me are two different people for a long time. The truth of the matter is they are both the same person. I mean let’s use logic for a second; can there really be two versions of you? Why not three and add the past you to the party??

That successful version of you lives not in a different timeline or a different universe, but inside of you. The vision, the feelings, the dreams about being somewhere higher than where you are at this very moment is not a hoax. It’s not you daydreaming and wishing for something better. On the surface, sure it is but on a deeper level, you know that you deserve better than what is shown and portrayed in your physical world. There’s just this feeling that you are not really using all of your power to become successful and it’s not your fault.

I’m here to tell you today that you are created for greatness. The struggle you are going through has nothing to do with who you are. It’s just an important piece of your story. The best chapter in a story is the hero’s comeback. That’s right, you are a hero with powers no one can reciprocate because they are yours and yours alone.

It’s time for you to shine your light on the world. Begin now.

Who you are is something extraordinary. You are one in four trillion sperms that rushed to the womb of your mother with the goal of being developed into a human that will live on a planet, which is held up in this space with many other planets to create the universe in this vast space of nothingness called …. space.

DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND THE CRAZINESS OF THAT STATEMENT? IT’S UNHEARD OF. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Oh, and let’s add that the way we are even surviving on this planet and not floating into space is this unknown and unseen force called gravity.

What a life, right?

Going back to the one in four trillion, you are unique. If a different sperm had entered the womb, there’s no you. There’s no loophole in that either.

Your existence in this world, as a human being, is not accidental.

You may feel like you don’t have a purpose except to work, eat, live, and die but I’m here to tell you that your role in humanity is bigger than that.

You just have to do the inner work to reprogram the beliefs you were told were fact and should never be questioned into the true beliefs that you had since you were little, before they told you what you need to be. You need to do the inner work to free yourself from the shackles of societal rules and most importantly, you need to believe. Believe that you were made on purpose. Believe who you are is a force to be reckoned with.

Believe that you are the hero in your own story. The villain is the disempowering beliefs you have about yourself in whatever form it presents itself in.

Make 2021 the first page of your comeback chapters in your story.


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